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Sichuan Gaea Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology by Chengdu hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the introduction of the establishment of the enterprise, the company has the most advanced industrial UAV technology, is an industrial 4 intelligent manufacturing enterprises, is also a Internet plus Agricultural Internet companies. Companies strive to build the domestic UAV R & D, production, sales, service based first-class service platform for the whole industry chain, to contribute to the healthy development of the UAV industry.  

Industrial grade lithium battery single rotor helicopter company R & D and production of UAV products in southwest Chinese first line, leading the flight control system of international single rotary wing unmanned helicopter and its independent research and development, the technology leader in the industry level for more than five years. Products are mainly used in agriculture, forestry, land, electricity, transportation, national security, anti-terrorism, military and other fields. GAEA owns the Big consumption level UAV and the "big brother" (Bee Brother BBB) industrial grade UAV two brands, product technology in the industry leader, has been exported to more than one country.

"Big brother bee" industrial UAV has been widely applied to modern agricultural work, the main tasks include crop fertilization, spraying pesticides, crop pollination and so on, with more than 500 thousand acres of agricultural work experience, Fujian, Sichuan and other places of Hunan, Henan, Zhejiang tea, Jiangsu, rice and rice, the Yangtze River Sichuan Dujiangyan basin with citrus, kiwi, Longquanyi peach and Xinjiang grapes and provide a lot of quality protection service areas of agricultural industry.

Since its establishment, has been in Dujiangyan, Chongzhou, Qionglai, Sichuan and other places are equipped with branch companies, in order to build the UAV industry

Sichuan Gaea core strengths

Product advantage

Sichuan Gaea's "big brother bee" industrial UAV is the highest load of the single rotor UAV, weight, easy to carry, can load 16KG, with high working efficiency

Service advantage

Sichuan Gaea's products, the product has a full range of products and services, including marketing and customer service system of product service system, while the UAV operator training system to ensure the market application of UAV landing.

Price advantage

Have a competitive price system and sales policy, to join the company's most comprehensive sales package,

Joining condition

1) the dealer must have independent capacity for civil liability, legal person or natural person.

2) with Sichuan Gaea UAV economic strength, can meet the requirements of investment funds.

3) have good credit and management ability

4) have good business ability and business place

Joining process

Agent Consulting - submit application - Qualification Examination - sign the contract - agent authorization