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Sichuan Gaea Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology by Chengdu hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the introduction of the establishment of the enterprise, the company has the most advanced industrial UAV technology, is an industrial 4 intelligent manufacturing enterprises, is also a Internet plus Agricultural Internet companies.

Companies strive to build the domestic UAV R & D, production, sales, service based first-class service platform for the whole industry chain, to contribute to the healthy development of the UAV industry.


Company business area:

R & D, production and sales of UAV

UAV spraying, fertilization, pollination services

Aerial surveying, monitoring of professional services

UAV flight control in military training

The company is currently focused on segments of the UAV market, in the agricultural and Agricultural Plant Protection Commission ruled against the big data innovation belongs to the enterprise specific business model,“Big bee”The industrial level of UAV has been widely applied to modern agricultural work, the main tasks include crop fertilization, spraying pesticides, crop pollination and so on, with more than 500 thousand acres of agricultural work experience, to provide a lot of quality services for agricultural plant protection industry zone.

At the same time with the UAV application and the market size, the UAV flight control personnel just need the case, companies also bear drone pilot and drone pilots (AOPA) training examination and certification agency work, delivery UAV market in urgent need of talent resources for UAV operation training.

Southwest's first authorized helicopter training institutions